Thursday 18 January 2018


You found us!  Welcome to our website.  Graceful Life Healing and Learning Centre is a special place where you will find support, guidance and tools for your journey so that you may live your life peacefully & gracefully.

The main focus of Graceful Life is to help you transform from an overworked, overwhelmed, overtired, overstressed, chaotic existence back to a feeling of freedom, inner peace, joy and breathing life again!

Our counselling & healing is based on nurturing the whole person - the mind, the body, the soul and the spirit.  When all these areas are supported there is a balance experienced in your whole self.  We walk with you as you connect back to your heart, your truth and your authentic self - back to peace!

With Holistic Counselling and Healing you will discover the true underlying cause or causes to your physical or emotional pain and be guided to connect back to the healthy, abundant, joyful, peaceful YOU!  You will be given practical tools to truly help you gracefully and peacefully glide through this journey of life.  The results will surprise, amaze and inspire you.

As you feel yourself coming alive, the layers of despair will peel away.  Your pain will subside and your energy levels and motivation rise again. You will actually feel the peace you crave.  You will create the life and environment that supports you and makes your journey rewarding and worthwhile.

Everyone is an individual so a plan suited to your specific requirements and needs to achieve your own personal goals will be implemented.

The holistic approach will help you to heal and discover meaning and purpose to life.

We look forward to meeting with you either for an individual consultation, in a meditation class or at one of our inspirational and informative workshops.

Why wait any longer to begin your journey to inner peace, happiness, success and joy?  Call us on 0419 877 848 or send your email for an appointment to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Disclaimer:  Graceful Life Pty Ltd Healing and Learning Centre does not recommend or insinuate that medical attention or your GP's advice and care should be disregarded or compromised in any way.  Holistic healing, counselling and processes complement but do not replace specialist medical services.



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